Just Not Interested

by scaredygirl

I have a wonderful friend who lives very nearby, and sometimes I call her up and we just sit on the porch and have wine and talk, and sometimes we go out.  We’re nearly the same age, and she’s divorced with no kids and fairly new to town, so she enjoys the company.

This week had been rough (but what week isn’t, these days?), and I had been feeling restless and cooped up for days.  The evening before, my husband suggested that I go out with one of my friends, so I could get my ya-yas out and settle down, but nobody was available then. This morning, I texted my friend and arranged to go out for maybe a drink and a game of darts tonight.

While I waited for her to get done with her stuff so we can go out, I was sitting in the living room with my husband, reading stuff on the web. I suddenly come across something so damned funny to me that I bark laughing.  It was a wildly inappropriate joke that only someone who went to my college would understand, and it was encapsulated into one embarrassing picture. I picked up my laptop and walked over to him to show him (he went to that school too), and said, “Wanna see what I was just laughing so hard at?” and I held out my laptop. He just raised an eyebrow (without looking up from his phone) and said, “Ummm, I’m not really interested right now.”

Well, fine.