Turn Off the Light, Please

by scaredygirl

You know I have lots of trouble sleeping. GEE, I wonder why.

Anyway. I usually end up sleeping on the sofa because every time I try to sleep with my husband, he ends up waking me up because I’m snoring, or breathing too hard, or rolling over too much etc. Finally, I told him that I couldn’t sleep w/him at all because I’d lay there and keep myself awake so I wouldn’t upset him by falling asleep and doing something annoying. And that was very bad for my sleep habits.

SO anyway, he’s been bugging me, saying that I really should come up and sleep in bed with him again, etc. Last night, I did, going to bed at about 10:30 tonight. He had gone to bed at about 9:30, and at 11:30, he suddenly woke up, TURNED ON THE LIGHTS, then went downstairs (leaving the light on) to go to the bathroom.

I lay there, blinking in confusion, and finally, fuming..

When he came up, I was all, “WHAT? Why did you turn light on? I was SOUND ASLEEP.” He huffed, “I needed to find something.” And then he sat there for several minutes and futzed around finding his headphones or something. I finally said, “Ummmm… are you going to maybe turn it out? I’m trying to sleep, you know.”

He was upset at me because of that, and grumbled about “needing to see what he was doing,” and proceeded to thump and whack around, smacking into the headboard several times, shaking the bed while he was trying to find whatever it was. So when he did turn it out, I was wide awake again and angry. I had actually MANAGED TO FALL ASLEEP in bed with him before this, and then he woke me up with a light in my face for several minutes. I got up and started walking away, and he sighed sleepily and unhappily, “What are you doing? Where are you going?” and I said that, “well, I’m wide awake now, so I’m going back downstairs.” He murmured something about how he didn’t understand what was wrong with me, and rolled over and went to sleep.

I AM SO PISSED, and I know that no matter what, if I bring it up to him, he’s somehow going to make it about how I am unfair or selfish or too sensitive or whatever. He HATES it when I would read my kindle in bed (on the lowest light setting) because the little sound I apparently make when I’d move to turn the page would wake him, so I never read in bed anymore (that is about the only way I can easily fall asleep). He hates it when I BREATHE too loudly when he’s sleeping. 

But this? This is fucking pathological.